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 Mineral Infrared Therapy 

Excellent for pain relief, inflammation, arthritis, sore
muscles and joints, soft tissue injuries, sprains, scar tissue, back pain, and other similar conditions. It also improves circulation and strengthens the immune system.

The Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Device (FIM) won a Gold Medal at the Brussels World Fair for Inventions in 1986 and a Silver Medal at the Eureka Invention Fair the same year.

The main functions of Mineral Infrared therapy are promoting
metabolism, regulating physiological deficiencies, enhancing
immunity, improving microcirculation, and diminishing inflammation. It has a remarkable success rate in relieving the pain associated with disorders and discomforts such as soft tissue injuries, arthritis, bone fractures, post-operative incisions, burns, haematoma, chronic infection, skin and nervous disorders, etc.

In 1988, the device was registered by the FDA for use in the United States. Since then, thousands of American doctors have treated millions of patients with this incredible device.

The FIM Energizer with portioned electromagnetic spectrum, is a new concept in medical technology. In essence, the device functions to promote metabolism, regulate physiological deficiencies, diminish and heal inflammations and relieve pains.  With the widespread use of the FIM Energizer, new applications for its healing properties are continually being discovered.

What is so distinctive about the FIM Energizer?

When the body ails, there is an unbalanced body chemistry caused by the involuntary action of ionic exchange from external or internal means, and the body may or may not be able to set up its own reflexes to overcome the ailments. Mineral infrared frequency supplies the energy. When any part of the energy is absorbed, it is utilized to enhance the recuperative effects in the area of ailment. This type of absorption on the part of the individual's body chemistry is what allows the FIM to produce such amazing and long-lasting curative effects.

This absorbed electromagnetic energy has been found to yield therapeutic effects on the human body by:

  1. Generating various beneficial biochemical stimuli that the body may lack due to illness or injury.

  2. Accelerating general circulation and microcirculation to maintain a healthy rate of cellular activity and metabolic activity and speed the process of decomposition of unstable structures, such as dead cells.

  3. Enhancing the bodyís immunity levels and adjusting its hormonal levels.



relieves muscular aches and pains caused by arthritis and soft tissue injuries


alleviates inflammation and edema from soft tissue injuries


eliminates major skin disorders


balances the nervous system


promotes healing effects on internal organs


treats bone fractures

These are but a few of the amazing results mineral infrared frequency use can produce.

The FIM has been tested and proven to be completely safe, yielding no harmful side effects.

Use the FIM Energizer at home

The great news is that you can purchase your own FIM Energizer for use at home from EnergyHealthcare. The FIM Energizer is available in two sizes: the professional floor model and the tabletop/travel model. The professional model, as seen in clinic, in addition to being more flexible and manoeuverable, is also more powerful and penetrates deeper than the tabletop version. The professional and tabletop model are pictured below.

 More on the FIM Energizer

The FIM  is not anything like the traditional heat therapies out there. The curative effects of the FIM are far beyond that of the mere heating element.

In brief, the FIM creates electromagnetic waves within a certain range of the spectrum by translating the energy of the heating element to produce the electromagnetic waves. The waves enter the body as mineral infrared waves and increase organ functions. The thirty-three different trace elements in the mineral-coated plate are related to the elements found in the human body. As long as one element ratio in the body changes, the body will benefit from it.

In 1988, the FDA registered the device for use in the United States. Since then, thousands of American doctors have treated patients with this incredible device. 

The significant difference between the FIM and the conventional infrared device and microwave therapeutic appliances is the FIMís round plate that is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 trace elements essential to living organisms and the human body. 

The minerals on the disc of the FIM, when heated, emit the designated radiant frequencies, which fan upon areas of our body to be treated. The emitted frequencies, having been given off by the minerals on the black plate attached to the head of the device, in turn excite the minerals of our bodies on a molecular level, causing similar oscillations in our own elemental components. Thus we have essentially taken in these frequencies, absorbed them and allowed them to supplement our own natural (or unnaturally altered) trace-element frequencies. Gradually, through continued treatment using the FIM, the constant and consistent frequencies given off by the natural elements on the disc will cause our own deficient trace element frequencies to resonate at their natural amplitudes and conditions, adjusting our physical and biochemical pathways. This type of balancing method has proven very useful in helping the treatment of many ailments.

For 20 years doctors, scientists, hospitals, clinics, medical centres, and universities have conducted hundreds of scientific and medical studies on patients suffering from hundreds of conditions.

Below is a partial list of conditions that were successfully tested with FIM therapy.

bullet Ankylosing Spondylitis
bullet Angina
bullet Back pain
bullet Bone Fracture
bullet Burn wounds
bullet Bursitis
bullet Cardiac disease
bullet Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
bullet Chronic pain
bullet Circulatory problems
bullet Constipation
bullet Crohn's Disease
bullet Diabetes
bullet Diabetic Neuropathy
bullet Diabetic Ulcers
bullet Diarrhoea
bullet Dupuytren's Contracture
bullet Facial paralysis
bullet Fibromyalgia
bullet Golfer's Elbow
bullet Haemorrhoids
bullet Herpes zoster
bullet Hip pain
bullet Hypertension
bullet Lactic acid build-up
bullet Lumbago
bullet Menstrual cramps
bullet Migraines
bullet Muscle spasms
bullet Neurasthenia
bullet Osteoarthritis
bullet Osteoporosis
bullet Plantar Fasciitis
bullet Pneumonia
bullet Repetitive Strain Injury
bullet Rheumatoid Arthritis
bullet Rotator Cuff Tendentious
bullet Sciatica
bullet Shoulder problems
bullet Silicosis
bullet Sinus problems
bullet Spastic bowel
bullet Sprains & Strains
bullet Tendentious
bullet Tennis Elbow
bullet Tension / Stress
bullet TMJ
bullet Varicose Veins
bullet Whiplash
bullet Wounds by surgery
bullet Wound infection





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